May 07, 2021

What’s Your Vax Stat? The New Protected Class

I hate to say, “I told ya so,” but here I go. At least two states have now taken action to prohibit employers from asking about, obtaining or using a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status for an employment purpose. Montana has enacted a related law that covers certain private sector employers and Georgia’s Governor has issued an executive order that applies to the State as an employer.

Stay tuned! According to one report, as of March 23rd, at least 19 states had introduced bills prohibiting employers from requiring the COVID-19 vaccine. By April 30th, that number reportedly grew to 32 bills in 25 states.

Remember! Just because the U.S. EEOC says it’s OK to require 100% of your  employees who come into the physical workplace to be vaccinated and to require documentation of that fact, your state (or local) law may not permit it.