June 21, 2022

What’s on the Regulatory Horizon? Spring Agenda is out!

On June 21st, the first day of summer, the unified regulatory agenda was published.  Federal agencies are required by Executive Order (EO) to publish this agenda twice each year. The semiannual agenda lists all regulations under active consideration in the one-year period ahead as well as longer-term regulatory actions. The purpose is to ensure “public engagement in the process of establishing regulations.” Here are a few employment-related highlights.

Department of Labor – workplace violence prevention in health care and social assistance; heat illness prevention in work settings; tracking of workplace illnesses and injuries; infectious disease; FLSA’s white collar or EAP exemptions; modernizing affirmative action programs; rescinding certain religious exemptions; and implementing certain requirements and obligations related to sex.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – this may be the third time the Commission has failed to publish its agenda. Prior agendas included sexual harassment and workplace wellness plan guidelines.  So much for the goal of the EO. I wonder if the EEOC will be subject to corrective action (wink).  You can use the link immediately above and scroll down to “Semiannual Regulatory Agenda.”

National Labor Relations Board – joint employer and election rules.

Stay tuned for updates on these and more in 2022!