November 08, 2022

Tell Me Twice, Shame on Me – US DOL’s Willful Violation Penalties

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor found that a non-medical home health care provider violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. In 2022, it found the same employer committed some of the same violations including: (1) paying straight time for overtime hours worked; and (2) failing to record and pay for travel time between worksites.

On November 8th, the DOL announced an award of more than $520K for 253 of the employer’s employees, including more than $24K in civil money penalties for “willful and repeated violations.” In the press release, the DOL reminds us that it “will use its enforcement powers to recover workers’ hard-earned wages and hold those who deliberately engage in wage theft accountable.”

Employers may want to check out the DOL’s Timesheet App that helps workers ensure their pay and hours are accurate.