February 02, 2023

OSHA’s 300A Electronic Submissions due March 2nd

Last month this newsletter reminded covered employers to post in their workplaces the OSHA 300A report.  By March 2nd, some of those employers must electronically submit a 300A report to OSHA for some or all of their establishments.  An “establishment” is defined as “a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed.” If an establishment meets any one of the following criteria, you do NOT have to submit your Form 300A to OSHA for that establishment.

  • The establishment’s peak employment during the previous calendar year was 19 or fewer, regardless of the establishment’s industry.
  • The establishment’s industry is on Appendix A to Subpart B of OSHA’s recordkeeping regulation, regardless of the size of the establishment.
  • The establishment had a peak employment between 20 and 249 employees during the previous calendar year AND the establishment’s industry is NOT on Appendix A to Subpart E of OSHA’s recordkeeping regulation.

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