November 01, 2022

Make Note About Who Can Vote…With Time Off From Work

November 8th is election day in the U.S. This year, registered voters are entitled to vote for the U.S. Senators, Congressman and a variety of state and local representatives.

At least 26 states plus DC have laws that require certain employers to provide employees with (un)paid time off to vote.  Most of these laws address:

  • whether the time off must be paid or unpaid;
  • if the employer can require the time off be taken on another day, such as during early voting;
  • whether employees living in another state have the right to time off;
  • to how much time off an employee is entitled;
  • and more.

Check with your company’s legal counsel to ensure you have the current information for your locations, including employees who work from home.  Although I cannot attest to its accuracy, one free resource is here.