June 30, 2022

FLSA’s Recording Time Worked – DOL Has an App for That!

Are you recording all time worked by your non-exempt employees? The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced an Android version of its app for time-tracking.  It not only tracks all time worked but then calculates the wages that are due, including overtime.

The press release first addresses how the app helps workers “ensure all their hours of work are recorded, including those hours when they telework, travel, perform pre- or post-shift work, or log-in while on-call.”

Notice the DOL uses the term “workers” rather than employees.  The announcement reminds them that they can contact the DOL “regardless of immigration status.”  If you employ an authorized worker, that worker still has rights afforded under the FLSA and can file a claim for back wages.

Proactive Tip. Ensure you have clear timekeeping procedures that are provided to your employees.  The DOL notes, “failure to compensate an employee for unreported hours that the employer did not know about, nor had reason to believe was being performed, does not violate the FLSA.” Click here for the DOL’s Field Assistance Bulletin published August 24, 2020.