July 02, 2024

Employees Get a Break! OSHA Announces Proposed Rule for Heat Injury and Illness Prevention

On Tuesday, July 2nd, OSHA announced it would be publishing a proposed rule to protect workers from the significant health risks of extreme heat.  The proposed rule would require employers to develop an injury and illness prevention plan to control heat hazards in workplaces affected by excessive heat.

Among other things, the plan would require employers to evaluate heat risks and — when heat increases risks to workers — implement requirements for drinking water, rest breaks and control of indoor heat. Employers would also be required to provide training, have procedures to respond if a worker is experiencing signs and symptoms of a heat-related illness, and take immediate action to help a worker experiencing signs and symptoms of a heat emergency.

Stay tuned for publication of the proposed rule in the Federal Register. That will be followed by a notice and comment period. OSHA suggested there may also be a public hearing.