October 27, 2022

DOJ Announces Employers’ Anti-Poaching Conspiracy

On October 27th, the U.S. Department of Justice announced a health care staffing company pleaded guilty and was sentenced for entering into and engaging in a conspiracy with a competitor to allocate employee nurses and to fix the wages of those nurses.

How did it happen? The regional manager of the staffing firm participated in a conspiracy with another contract health care staffing firm to suppress and eliminate competition.

Why is this an issue? When the indictment was issued last year, a DOJ representative described it this way. “When employers conspire to allocate employees and fix wages, it robs American workers of higher pay and the ability to bargain for better, higher-paying jobs.”

The company was ordered to pay a criminal fine of $62,000 and restitution of $72,000 to victim nurses.

Lessons Learned. Hiring managers and those involved with contract administration need to understand antitrust rules and proactive practices to avoid even the appearance of such activity.

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