May 30, 2019

Another Win for Dads!

In 2018 Estee Lauder was sued for providing greater leave benefits to their employees who were new Moms than Dads. That cost $1.1 Million.  This year, it’s reported that $5.5 Million will be paid by J.P. Morgan as the result of a similar allegation.  The company offers a generous 16-week parental leave benefit to employees who are the “primary caregiver” of the employee’s newly born child.  A male employee applied for the benefit and was denied.  His wife gave birth to their healthy baby, she had no medical complications herself, and she was a teacher so was off from work during the summer and could stay home to care for the baby.  Based on those facts, the employer determined their employee, the new Dad was not his child’s primary caregiver and denied him the leave.  The U.S. EEOC disagree and filed a charge. Then, the American Civil Liberties Union took up his cause and filed suit on behalf of all the dads working for J.P. Morgan. Those Dads will now share 5.5 million reasons to have a Happy Father’s Day!