April 26, 2023

Workplace Violence Prevention

The National Institute of Health declared April as Workplace Violence Prevention month. On April 10th, with grief, disbelief, and despair, we heard and read of yet another workplace shooting in KY, killing 5 and injuring 8 (as of this writing). The definitions of workplace violence seem as varied as the incidents themselves. This webcast will respectively address these sensitive issues, look at data, statistics, trends, legislative responses, and share tips from myriad sources for managers to use to help support employees facing personal challenges while protecting all.

Topics to be covered include:

  • In the News
  • Data, stats and trends
  • Trying to define it
  • Potential Signals
  • What YOU can do!

3:00 – 4:15 p.m. ET $25 pp, except annual subscribers.

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