August 25, 2021

Substance Use, Abuse & Testing

In December 2020, the CDC reported that May 2020 marked the highest number of drug-related, overdose deaths in any 12-month period ever recorded. Another report indicates that many states saw an all-time, record high number of drug-related deaths, one with an increase of 40%.  These trends continue into 2021, adversely impacting employers, employees, and workplaces.

Concurrently, states are decriminalizing, legalizing, and authorizing “recreational” use of substances, in addition to marijuana.  Join this interactive program as we look at the latest legislative trends, legal issues, and practical application for employers to reduce the threat,  harm, and deadly consequences of substance use and abuse, including:

  • the CDC’s guidance for employers;
  • SAMHSA’s tips for deciding if you want to implement a workplace substance testing program;
  • OSHA’s position on employer liability for COVID-19 vaccines;
  • Workers’ Comp liability if drug addiction arises from a work-related injury;
  • Courts’ opinions on employers’ liability for negligence or wrongful death in drug-related death
  • which states…
    • have the highest drug-related death rates;
    • are expanding laws to legalize or authorize ‘recreational” use of marijuana and other drugs;
    • have enacted laws limiting or restricting employers’ ability to conduct certain substance-related testing;
  • what’s on the horizon; and
  • some practical tips, suggestions and questions to consider for updating your general and related workplace policies, programs and practices.

This event and the recording are now closed.