August 28, 2019

Social Media & Today’s Workplace

Social media (SoMe) has continued to impact the workplace over the last 18 months (since this topic last aired).

  1. What are some of the latest developments impacting employers policies, practices and procedures?
  2. How may employers balance a demand for workplace civility with employees’ use of SoMe?
  3. What rights does an employer have to restrict employees’ use of company time, property and systems to access social media?
  4. If an employee uses his or her own time, computer and SoMe account to blast demeaning and uncivil comments about the company, coworkers or a supervisor is there any action an employer can take?
  5. Are policies addressing face-to-face professional conduct different from those addressing professional conduct in SoMe?


Join this interactive program as we consider:

  • The National Labor Relations Board’s latest “Guidance on Handbook Rules”
  • How do these issues apply to an employer’s professional conduct policies that require civility in personal as well as electronic communications?
  • How do employers protect the confidentiality of their payroll information with current trends related to pay transparency?
  • What is a “savings clause” an employer can include in a social media policy that may help make such policies enforceable and limit liability when the policies are challenged?


This program is pre-approved by HRCI & SHRM for 1.25 credits.  Click here and then on the “View Session Recordings” tab in the upper right corner. $25 per person