September 28, 2022

Social Media in Today’s Workplace

What employers and employees say about each other on Social Media sometimes creates legal liability for the person who posts it. The same problem can arise when an employer seeks, uses, or obtains private information about an employee via social media or related accounts. One trending SoMe buzz is about “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing.”  Join this interactive program as we review topics related to:

  • The NLRB’s 2021 decision related to employer SoMe policies
  • EEOC’s position on SoMe and the Workplace
  • Cyberstalking or e-harassment / bullying
  • Using SoMe as a recruiting or screening tool
  • Balancing employees’ and business interests
  • …and more

    Who should attend? The program is primarily developed for managers, supervisors, and emerging HR professionals. All are welcome.

Click here to register. $25 pp. 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. ET