March 22, 2017

Pay Equity, Transparency & Secrecy

From the federal to the state to local levels Congress, legislatures and councils are considering and enacting laws addressing:

  • Pay Equity: non-discrimination in the payment of wages
  • Pay Transparency:
    • Employers’ obligations to disclose the rate they pay for certain jobs; and
    • Employees’ rights to disclose not only their own pay rate but in some cases that of their coworkers
  • Pay Secrecy: Prohibition against employers’ asking a candidate about his or her current rate of pay.


On its face some of these may seem contrary – demanding transparency from employers while protecting applicants’ right to not disclose current compensation rates and employees’ rights to discuss them.

Join this interactive program as we recap existing laws that already provide some of these protections, compare and contrast recently enacted laws and legislative efforts at multiple levels; and consider how related laws and legislation may impact your organization so you can develop advocacy that helps shape these important public policies.

This program is pre-approved by HRCI and SHRM for 1.25 credits

To register, just click here and then on the “View Session Recordings” in the upper right corner. $25 per person.