August 21, 2019

Got Pot? Marijuana in the Workplace & Substance Testing – Jacksonville, FL

Presented during AICC’s Southeast Summit – Across the nation we see three trends related to laws addressing the use of marijuana: (1) legalization; (2) decriminalization: (3) and legal use of medically prescribed marijuana.  Each has actual or potential implications in the workplace and to employers’ related policies, practices and programs.  Join this interactive program as we look at the latest legislative trends, court interpretations and practical application for pitfalls to avoid and proactive practices including:

  • Which states have legalized, decriminalized and/or authorized medically prescribed marijuana;
  • A “Top Ten” list of associated, potential pitfalls that may impact employers’ liability, employment practices and/or operating costs;
  • How to balance federal rules (DOT, OSHA, DOJ) that are stricter than state laws
  • Who, when, how and for what substances can an employer test without running afoul the ADA and related testing laws; and
  • Some practical tips, suggestions and questions to consider for updating your general and related workplace policies, programs and practices.