April 27, 2022

Documentation Do’s and Don’ts

Most managers and supervisors have heard HR’s song, “Document, document, document!”  Join this interactive program as we review 5 W’s + a “How” of documentation tips and proactive practices. Highlights include:

  • Who? What if an employee wants to keep a diary of what you say?
  • What? You don’t have time to document everything. What’s documenting by exception?
  • Where? Should your notes be kept in an employee’s HR file? If not, where?
  • When? See, “What.”  If you can’t document it all, when should you begin?
  • Why? WIIFM? With all you have to do, what’s the ROI for documenting?
  • How? Should notes be electronic or hard copy? Subjective or objective? Longer or shorter?
  • Finally, know your company’s records retention and destruction policy.

Who should attend? This program is designed primarily for managers and front-line supervisors. 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. ET

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