May 26, 2021

Are You My Employer? (Re)Defining Working Relationships – The Evolution Continues

This topic last aired in March 2020. But related activity has continued. This month, on May 6th, the US Department of Labor announced it was withdrawing the independent contractor rule that was just issued in January. Last month, on April 20th, the U.S. DOL announced an award of $358,000 to 50 workers because they were misclassified as employees instead of independent contractors and not paid overtime.  In the interim, Congress, states, courts, and regulatory agencies have continued to grapple with defining who is an employee and who is not.

  • How do you determine if a worker is an independent contractor?
  • When can you properly use an unpaid intern?
  • Can an employee ever volunteer to perform any work for you for free?

Join us for this interactive program as we review recent cases, pending legislation and proposed rules that may impact how you define your working relationships.

This event and the recording are now closed.