Affirmative Action Plans

Affirmative Action Plans

Specializing in AAP’s for small business (fewer than 150 employees), FiveL Company develops first-time plans, annual updates and provides tracking tools and systems that clients can download and use to facilitate data compilation for future plan years, including compliance with the March 2014 regulatory changes and those that continue to evolve.

In the last several years we have seen no less than ten new Executive Orders issued and effective into 2017 that are impacting covered government contractors. FiveL Company offers guidance on related employment and labor issues for covered federal contractors and subcontractors, including and related to:

  • Drug-Free Workplace Act
  • EEO-1 & VETS-4212 reporting
  • E-Verify
  • Executive Order 11246 et. seq
  • Pay Transparency
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • …and more

FiveL Company provides clients with all of the required documents for AAP’s for women and minorities as well as individuals with disabilities and protected Veterans including:

  • Both Plans and all required sections
  • EEO Policy
  • Affirmative Action policy
  • Collection of appropriate labor market data for external availability analysis
  • Identification of appropriate federal, state, and local agencies for outreach & recruitment
  • Non-Discrimination & Harassment policies
  • Notice to Contractor, Subcontractor, Vendor or Supplier
  • Notices to Applicants and Employees
  • Pre-Employment Invitations to Self-Identify
  • Post-Offer Invitations to Self-Identify
  • Applicant flow data tracking files
  • Training for personnel involved in recruitment, selection, and related processes
  • …and more.

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